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Saturday, November 6, 2010

How to make a centerpiece .. Monkey theme ~ 1st birthday ..

Monkey here, monkey there, monkey everywhere!! LOL ...

My son's 1st birthday is coming up and his theme is that of a cute monkey.  Everyone calls him chunky monkey, so that's where my inspiration came from.  I just finished doing his monkey centerpieces and I decided to share with you all.

Please see below step by step instructions on HOW TO MAKE A CENTERPIECE.  The beauty of my centerpieces is that they were made out of his SIMILAC cans!!!  How cute is that!!? 

I hope I inspired you in making your own!  If not, you can always count on me and I will make them for you.  :o)

 Monkey Theme Centerpiece

This was my son's similan can!


cut gift tissue paper in smaller pieces
and cut diamond shape at
the ends

fold gift tissue paper in triangular
shapes and glue alternting colors

Add the chenille stems to the stick

curl chenille stems around
a pencil

hot glue your design on
both sides of the stick

add curling ribbon and VOLA!!!

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