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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello Kitty Birthday Party for our Little Princess

Ok, so this was the birthday of our daugther's dreams!  Her name is Patty and she turned the big 3!  She absolutely adores Hello Kitty ~ so I figured I would make her dream come true!  LOL  Besides, what mom would not have fun doing this party?  :o)

It took me almost 2 1/2 months to pull this together.  It wasn't that bad, best of all, I had allot of fun.  Below is the list of items I designed and prepared for our daughter's HELLO KITTY 3rd birthday party.  All items were handmade by me and personalized with Hello Kitty theme and her name. 

I design all different kinds of birthday party collections. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks.

  • baked about 200 custom sugar cookies
  • baked her a custom medium size cake with two mini cakes
  • baked about 100 custom hello kitty cupcakes
  • huge hello kitty standee backdrop
  • her daddy did the arch balloons and balloon towers
  • 50 hello kitty custom invitations
  • custom hello kitty happy birthday "Patricia" poster
  • 2 custom "Patty" flower baskets
  • 10 small hello kitty and friends standees
  • 3 custom pink cupcake stands
  • small custom wall wreath
  • 10 hello kitty centerpieces
  • 50 hello kitty chocolate covered marshmallows
  • 50 hello kitty chocolate covered pretzels
  • 20 girls hello kitty pink goody bags with their names and lots of hello kitty items
  • 20 boys dear Daniel blue goody bags with their names and lots of non hello kitty items (LOL)
  • 50 hello kitty rice krispies pink heart shaped treats for the girls
  • 50 hello kitty rice krispies blue ball shaped treats for the boys
  • 25 various chocolate mold treats
  • 25 mint organza hello kitty favors
  • 25 mini container hello kitty favors
  • 25 mini jelly beans hello kitty favors
  • set of 3 sugar cookies hello kitty goody bags (favors)
  • 30 hello kitty chair scones
  • 25 hello kitty bubbles
  • 50 hello kitty mini hershey bars
  • 30 hello kitty shirt pins
  • 8 hello kitty various centerpieces
  • 100 hello kitty rolled napkins
  • 6 hello kitty front yard signs
  • monogram letter P popcorn boxes
  • hello kitty food labels
  • lollipops tree
  • custom party hats
  • hello kitty personalized party horns
  • personalized photo collages
  • 3 pom poms
  • 25 hello kitty candy goody bags
  • 2 custom hello kitty lanterns
  • various hello kitty baskets
  • personalized hello kitty horn (which I used and annoyed everyone! LOL)
  • kids menu: heart shaped p&J, heart shaped quesadillas, mini veggies and sugar cookies as dessert (snack)
  • adult menu, pink pickled eggs, chicken salad, shrimp rice with yogurt, pink salamis, stuffed mushroom shrimps, pink lady squares, veggies and champagne with raspberries for the mommies.
I know I am forgetting a couple of things, but the list pretty much lists all.  I also want to apologize for those who were expecting more food to eat.  I promise for Daniel's birthday, I will have allot more food for the adults!  yay!

I want to sincerely thank everyone who came to her special day!  It meant allot to her and to us.

God Bless and enjoy the pics!
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