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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Upside down trees

Now this is the most bizarre Christmas decoration idea I have ever seen.  Charlie Brown's Tree with Blanket - Multicolor  What is the deal with the upside down Christmas trees?   Pre-Lit Pull-Up Christmas Tree, Clear Why? What is the concept behind this idea? Is this supposed to mean you are artistic?
I don't get it, but if anyone knows or has an opinion, please share with us here (LOL). Thank you.

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HighlandMummy said...

Hi there-love the blog
I have heard of these upside down christmas trees and think they are just weird. What's wrong with sticking to tradition?

Cute and Sassy Designs by Bonnie said...

Oh thanks for the kuddos!! Oh I know, I think its weird too. I just wonder how the ornaments stay in its place? LOL